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the firefighting backpack ERMAK JUNIOR


Kids' firefighting backpack

Volume  7l
Weight  1.2kg

Made in EU

Kids' firefighting backpack ERMAK JUNIOR is made in Czech Republic, in our factory and with our hands.


Kids' firefighting backpack ERMAK JUNIOR has CE marking and meets high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.


As manufacturer we provide warranty and post-warranty service including the supply of spare parts.


ERMAK JUNIOR is the first fully functional firefighting water backpack for our smallest firefighters. In its design, we put all our experiences we have gained from the development of firefighting water backpack Ermak 20 which is on the market for 10 years and is used by professional firefighters and volunteers in the Czech Republic and many countries in EU.

The little brother inherited their best features. Double action handheld pump offers very light stroke. Comfortable harness system guarantees comfort and offers wide range of settings for childern's backs. Two-layer design with robust and waterproof outer layer that protects the inner layer. The soft dorsal pad guarantees comfort and protects childern's back against the cold water. The large cap enables easy filling of water without removing. 3D design of inner layer which can hold more water and the water doesn't push childern's back.

In the design of the backpack we kept in our mind two main things. The first is comfort of our childern. The second is long life of the backpack which depends on used materials. Metal handheld pump, robust outer layer in red color, quality hose and solid plastic parts. This all guarantees the long life of our backpack.

ERMAK JUNIOR is suitable for children from 4 years old.

There are many reasons
why wear on your back just


• Czech product with CE and certificate!
• fully functional
• easy handling
• two-layer design with protected pad
• robust waterproof outer layer
• robust inner layer
• comfortable harness system
• double-action handheld pump
• large cap for easy filling
Tank volume  7l
Weight  1.2kg
Spraying distance  8m
Height  40cm
Width  28cm
Lenght  12cm

   ERMAK JUNIOR | Downloading

All about ERMAK JUNIOR in one file. Download the datasheet.