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the gear backpack PANTHER
the gear backpack PANTHER

LESTECH gear backpacks are designed and manufactured without compromises. In its design we put all our experiences we have gained from the development of our firefighting backpacks which are on the market since 2004 and are used by professional firefighters and volunteers in the Czech Republic, many countries in EU and beyond its borders. LESTECH gear backpacks are designed in Czech Republic, manufactured in our workshop and by our hands!

Made in EU

The LESTECH gear backpacks are made in Czech Republic, in our factory and with our hands.


We have more than 20 years experiences in manufacturing of the firefighting backpacks.


As manufacturer we provide warranty and post-warranty service including the supply of spare parts.

Gear backpack PANTHER is designed to hold five D25 hoses with a lenght of 20m, a divider, two stream nozzles and two C/D adaptors. It has one extra large inner compartment, which is divided into two parts by a divider. The lower compartment is designed for four hoses and is accesible throuh a separate side opening that can be closed with a double-zip with a handle and secured with Velcro. The hoses are separated by dividers. The upper compartment is designed for the fifth hose, divider, two stream nozzles and C/D adaptors. It is accesible through a separate upper opening that can be closed with a double-zip with a handle and secured with Velcro. The hose is separated from the divider by a divider. The divider and nozzles are secured with an elastic strap and adaptors are stored in pockets secured with Velcro.

the gear backpack PANTHER
the gear backpack PANTHER

Thanks to the top and side openings, there is no need to remove the backpacks to unload the hoses. One firefighter carries a backpack and extinguishes with a nozzle. The second firefighter takes out the hoses and extends the line.

When the backpack is empty, it is possible to remove all dividers, store them at the bottom of the backpack and use the main compartment for moving any material - water in PET, food or used hoses after an intervention.

Gear backpack PANTHER is equipped with MOL system on the front side for attaching other equipment such as engineering tools, dividers, nozzles, etc. To store personal equipment, pockets or water pockets can be attached to the front or side of the backpack. On the front side are two Velcro fasteners 17x4cm for attaching name tags. There are also reflective strips on the front and side of the backpack for good visibility in the field.

Gear backpack PANTHER is dimensionally adapted to the construction of the fire truck. It can be inserted freely into the compartment or directly into the crate.

the gear backpack PANTHER
the gear backpack PANTHER

Gear backpack PANTHER is made from extra robust Cordura® fabric coated with a PU. Comfortable harness system guarantees comfort and offers wide range of settings for yours backs. Harness system is consists of fully adjustable wide shoulder, waist and sternum straps. A radio and microphone can be attached to the shoulder straps. The double soft dorsal pad guarantees comfort and protects yours back against the load. The insert is also fitted on the front side and the entire circumference of the backpack. The back is also reinforced with two plastic straps that are placed under the shoulder straps along the entire length of the backpack. This ensures sufficient stiffness of the backpack when fully loaded. For easy carrying, the backpack is also equipped with a handle.

Technical data

Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Lenght [mm]
Weight [kg]
Tank volume [l]
the gear backpack PANTHER
the gear backpack PANTHER

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Water pocket


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