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the firefighting backpack ERMAK


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Volume  20l
Weight  2.5kg

Made in EU

The firefighting backpack ERMAK 20 is made in Czech Republic, in our factory and with our hands.


The firefighting backpack is on the market more than 10 years.


As manufacturer we provide warranty and post-warranty service including the supply of spare parts.

Ermak 20
Ermak 20
Ermak 20

The firefighting backpack serves for fighting of small fires, blazing of forest undergrowth and as equipment of patrols after fire liquidation or during burning the brushwood following the forest exploitation. It is suitable for application against bark beetle, buildings caused by calamity or as preventive spraying. It is a suitable equipment of fire tankers, off-road vehicles during visual inspections of forest grounds in dry months or as prevention the combine harvesters during harvests.

ERMAK 20 has two layers. The top layer is made of robust and fireproof fabric. The internal layer is made of the extensible, impermeable and chemically inert material. Between these layers is a protective dorsal pad protects your body against cold water. The top layer is equipped with comfortable harness system which consists of fully adjustable shoulder straps, waist and sternum strap. The top layer is equipped with 5 storage pockets and straps for attaching the handheld pump or the other tools. ERMAK 20 is equipped with a plastic handle for easy handling with filled backpack and quality high-preassure hose connected with a double-action handheld pump.

The advantage of ERMAK 20 is easy handling and its application in places within difficult reach. For filling you can use the lake or stream. For these purposes the backpack is equipped with a large cap with a strainer that enables easy refilling.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight
Tank volume


Spraying distance
Full flow
Shower plain flow
Foam extension
Full flow
Track diameter


Ermak 20

Transport bag

Standard accessories

ERMAK 20 is equipped with a transport bag designed for ERMAK's transport and storage. The transport bag is made of PVC-coated polyester (PES). The bag is resistant to humidity, rot and mould. The soiled bag can be wiped with a wet cloth.

Ermak 20

Foam inductor

Standard accessories

ERMAK 20 is equipped with a foam inductor.

Ermak 20

Fog nozzle

ERMAK 20 can be equipped with a fog nozzle suitable for spraying plants and trees.

Ermak 20

Transport basket

ERMAK 20 can be equipped with a transport basket for transport of filled ERMAK 20 in a car. The transport basket is supplied with a fastening strap 2.5 m length.

   ERMAK 20 | Downloading

All about ERMAK 20 in one file. Download the datasheet.